Monday, April 28, 2008


As a student of Anglea Roger's english 304 business writitng class there are only a few things to worry about. First, although the work is not that difficult you should make sure to keep on track and just to complete every assignment. She does not grade very hard, but will penalize your for not completing your assignments. When you get into your groups for the big semester long project make sure you will be compatable with everyone becuase you will be working with them quite a bit. Lastly, just go to class to make sure you do not fall behind, I guess this is true for any course though.

Monday, April 14, 2008

eithical lapses

I believe this was a very interesting article to read, but wish they would have given some actual examples of ethical lapses in the work place. Sexual harrassment, poor treatment, racism or sexism.... just give me some kind of example so I know exactly what kind of eithical lapses we are talking about here. Overall the article was very good in describing the statistics of this problem found in workplaces throughout America. It is quite intersting to hear this from a study becasue I have heard about such problems from people I know in their own work environment. To combat this problem communication lines must be opened and remain easy for employees to talk to each other and their managers. If not these ethical lapses will continue to go undetected and the frustration levels will continue to rise in the workplace.

Monday, April 7, 2008

web v. paper

I believe that writing on the web and on paper are very similar because both relay the thoughts and feelings that the writer is trying to convey or tell to the reader. No matter how the words are relayed (typed or handwritten) the meaning will not really change, although handwritten letters can be much more personal than typed. They are different in the fact that typing can be faster because of the technology used such as microsoft word. Programs such as word will correct mistakes automatically, perform spell check, and give suggestions for words and phrases. Writing on paper lends itself to many more gramatical errors and can be sloppy and unlegible. When converting a handwritten document to the web the format would be the most important thing to keep in mind so the style and meaning are not changed.

Monday, March 31, 2008

free write

This week I have decided to just write about what has been going on and what I am looking forward to in the future. Spring break might have been the best time I have had in a while. I went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico and quickly discovered that it was a very wild and intense place. Also it was my first time going out of the country so that just added to the excitement of the whole trip. The weather there was almost perfect becasue it was about 83 during the day but it did get a little cold at night. Either way the weather was much nicer there than here; when we landed in atlanta it was 50 degrees outside which was kinda depressing. Lately I have been slacking off in school which is nothing new but I need to pick that up as the end of the semester is nearing. I am really looking forward to the summer but I am taking a maymester and summer I course so there will still be work to get done. I just need a break, and one more thing I think I might be going to Atlanta on monday night to see the Braves home opener.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

free write

This week I have decided to write just about everything that is going on right now. School is starting to pile up and there is much work to be done that I really do not feel like doing, but ill get it done anyway. Clemson basketball is doing quite well and actually has a chance for the NCAA tournament this year so lets hope they don't mess that one up. The football team had a great recruiting class this year ranked #2 by ESPN, so things are looking quite good for next season. Overall things are pretty much the same as always, peace.

cover letter

I do agree with most of the advice given in this piece of writing mainly becuase it does point out some key points in regards to a cover letter. The section that let me know how to market myself was the most helpful telling me to first market myself to the company and then the product to the customers. I learned that the cover letter is usually read after the resume which somewhat suprised me becuase it comes first. Also I learned the cover letter is mostly about the company and what its possibilities are and not yourself.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The two articles I read were about the ten biggest interview killers, and answers to five key questions before taking a job. I found both of these articles to be interesting becuase they have helped me realize a few key principles of interviewing. First, I have learned that no matter what you must do anything possible not to kill the interview. The most important tips would be to never ramble, have bad non verbal communication. and especially not to appear to be to needy. You are trying to sell yourself so you must always be confident, stay on subject, not be to excited, and remember to be different and unique. The second article set aside five answers to key questions before attending an interview. The most important questions I thought were to ask about a typical week on the job, and inquire about the unspoken rules. I think these were the most important becuase it is important to know what you are getting into, and also what is expected of you. If you go into an interview knowing these things you will be more prepared to answer questions and for the job if hired.